Is there a baby alive that grows?

Does baby alive grow up baby?

She REALLY grows! Baby Alive Baby Grows Up doll transforms from newborn to baby to big girl. In fact, she changes size 4 inches with kids’ care. Kids will also love her 8 happy-themed doll accessories.

Can you reset the baby alive grows up?

The Grows Up doll literally grows right before your eyes. She starts out as a newborn baby, but grows as you feed her and interact with her first into a baby and eventually into a big girl. … To keep the fun going, the doll can be reset after fully grown for repeatable play.

Does Walmart have baby alive grow up?

Baby Alive Baby Grows Up Growing and Talking Baby Doll, 1 Surprise Doll, 8 Accessories – –

Is Baby Alive poop?

The Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo is an adorable, life-like doll that coos, giggles, eats, pees and even poops on her own, giving your child a fun-filled, true-to-life experience of what’s it’s like to be a mommy.

What age is baby alive for?

Age Range: 3+

The manufacturer lists this doll for ages 3 and up, and I’d agree that it’s great for young toddlers who enjoy playing mommy or big sister. Many older girls (up to 10 or 11), would enjoy this lifelike baby, too.

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Where do batteries go in baby alive?

  1. Locate battery compartment on doll’s back.
  2. Loosen screw on battery door.
  3. Remove and discard old batteries.
  4. Replace with fresh 3 x 1.5V “AA” or LR6 size alkaline. batteries.
  5. Replace door and tighten screw (make sure ribbon is clear.


How big is baby alive real as can be?

There are so many sweet moments to share with Baby Alive Real As Can Be Baby! With over 80 lifelike expressions, movements and sounds, this realistic baby doll responds to a child’s voice and touch.

Product Dimensions 5.94 x 18 x 15 inches
Item Weight 3 pounds
Domestic Shipping Item can be shipped within U.S.

What was the first Baby Alive doll?


The first Baby Alive doll was introduced by Kenner in 1973. It could be fed food packets mixed with water, and came with a bottle, diapers, and feeding spoon. The spoon would be inserted into its mouth, and a lever on its back pushed to have it chew the food.

Does baby alive grow dolls poop?

Up until now, the play with Baby Alive has been eats, poops, wets, and talks. Now this baby doll is going to grow up right before your very eyes. … In the newborn stage, kids will discover the surprises of baby’s eye color, hair color, and bottle color. You’ll find accessories for the newborn in the box marked 1.

How do you change the language in baby alive grow up?

To switch doll’s language mode, make sure she is NOT IN DEMO MODE. Press the button on the doll’s bracelet and hold for a few seconds; release the button as soon as doll says “¡Hola, Mami!” (or “Hi!”). If you continue to press the button, the doll will say “¡Adios!” (or “Bye bye!”) and go to sleep.

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