Why are December babies special?

December babies are the least likely to suffer from major disease. Some research indicates that babies born in December have the greatest chance of avoiding major diseases such as neurological disease, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, and reproductive diseases.

What is special about December babies?

The chances are greater with a December-born baby. Babies born the last month of the year are more likely to live the longest. The Journal of Aging Research said a German study found that the December-born have a “significantly higher risk of surviving up to age 105-plus compared to the June-born.”

Are December babies rare?

Being born in December can sometimes feel like a downer because birthdays can get forgotten in the holiday rush. But, the truth is that people born in December are rare, special and impossible to overlook. Here are some attributes you might not know about your December baby.

Are December babies at a disadvantage?

Some people believe that having a December birthday might actually be more of a disadvantage than an advantage. … A new study suggests that babies born in December actually sleep better than babies born in other calendar months.

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How do December borns behave?

The December born people are honest and have a caring nature. These people have knowledge in abundance and believe in God more than others. The good luck is a god’s gift to these people for having a pure heart and soul. These traits of the December born people make them popular in the community.

What’s the rarest birthday?

This Is the Least Common Birthday in the U.S. (No, It’s Not Leap Day)

  • February 29.
  • July 5.
  • May 26.
  • December 31.
  • April 13.
  • December 23.
  • April 1.
  • November 28.


Are people born in December romantic?

People born in December are born romantics and lovers. They are very attractive to the opposite sex and they can easily win anyone over with their sweet talk. If they love something or someone, they will go to the ends of the earth to show their love and how much you mean to them.

What month are intelligent babies born?

Those born in September are, apparently, the smartest out of the entire year. According to Marie Claire, a study published in the National Bureau of Economic Research found that there’s a clear correlation between the month during which you were born and how smart you are.

Why is Christmas the rarest birthday?

Depending on the year and place, between 30% and 40% fewer babies are born on Dec. 25 than on the peak day of the year. One reason why these days have so few births is almost no cesarean births are scheduled by doctors to happen on public holidays or weekends.

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Is being born in December good?

1. They will live a healthy and long life. According to a study of over 11,000 individuals, babies born in December are most likely to reach the age of hundred or above. As for the icing on the cake, December babies tend to live longer in general as compared to their counterparts born during other months.

What’s the best month to be born?

Depending on where you live, springtime means milder temperatures, a feeling of new beginnings and some moms say this is the ideal season to give birth. Having a baby in March, April or May also means that there won’t be trouble deciding when that little one will start school.

Do winter babies live longer?

The study published in the “American Journal of Human Biology” mentioned previously also found that individuals born in autumn and winter had significantly increased longevity.

What birth month lives the longest?

OCTOBER: People born in October live the longest.

Are December born intelligent?

According to another piece of research, people born in December sleep better and easier when compared to others. … They are able to control their emotions and temper better than people born in the other months. They are also the youngest in school, which automatically makes them smarter than all the others.

Are December born stubborn?

Like everyone else, December borns have their negative traits too. They can be stubborn at times and refuse to listen or agree to things that they don’t believe in.

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